Our Why

Every company has passions they believe in, act upon, and succeed with. At ACME Technical Services, these passions are defined by our Vision, Mission and our Core Values. It is important to us that we publicly share these. In doing so, we are asking our partners to hold us accountable to continually display these statements in all of our actions.

We have worked hard to develop a culture that thrives on the values we hold as a company and have seen the rewards of this. Having team members who are engaged and have a passion for the work they do, has given ACME Technical Services the ability to take on the most challenging of projects and exceed the expectations that our clients have of us.

Our Vision

 Technology well connected | Customers well informed | Communities well served

Our Core Values


Technology Well Connected

We pursue extraordinary results built on quality workmanship and our continual ability to surpass expectations, even in the midst of adversity.


Customers Well Informed

In all of our interactions, we strive to educate ourselves and those we serve. We continually develop ourselves personally, professionally and technically.


Communities Well Served

We serve for the betterment of our communities. Whether the community is where we live, where we work, where we play, or where we travel, it is our commitment that we will serve those we meet in each community.

Customer Commitment

Acme Technical Services specializes in helping companies meet the sudden and growing demand for fiber optic cable splicing, terminating, testing, troubleshooting, aerial cable placement and copper plant maintenance.

Companies ranging from the largest in telecommunication, to the smallest in electrical, do not always have the expertise, equipment or manpower necessary to complete these projects effectively or efficiently. We provide services that are built upon quality, punctual delivery, and value for our clients.

ACME Leadership Development

In 2014, Winston stepped away from the day to day management of a successful Telecom Service company that employees over 50 people and embarked with the ACME Leadership Development team on a mission to help discover and develop healthy leadership cultures in other organizations.

At ACME Leadership Development, the belief is that leaders are not trained, but rather, they are developed. This is not accomplished by using curriculum and some classroom theory; it is accomplished through the means of coaching, mentoring and encouraging. Using our experience along with the use of proven, effective tools, ACME Leadership Development help organizations grow their leadership from the inside out.

Leadership, now more than ever, is critical to the future success of any company or organization. An organization’s most important resource is their human capital – the very people who are part of that organization.

For more information, go to: http://acmeleadership.ca/