Our Commitment to a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Our team and our customer safety is foremost in all that we do. We embrace a safe work culture and as a result, have received the CORTM Safety certification in the province of Manitoba with commendations for our excellent audit results. Our continued commitment to a safe work environment is described below in our Safety Policy.

  • We at ACME Technical Services value each one of our employees, clients and the general public that we come in contact with. Therefore, we place great significance on their safety, health and well-being. As a result, we will commit to doing our best to meet or surpass the standards set out by the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulations.
  • As part of our commitment to the establishment of a healthy and safe workplace, we will maintain and carry out a Safety Management System with the support and consultation of our employees. We will do this through regular safety meetings, establishment of safe working procedures, occupational hygiene and safety education and training.
  • In the type of work that we do, the most common risks we might face are typically physical injuries due to slip and fall, ladder or aerial work, electrical exposure, occasional confined space exposure, chemical exposure, eye injuries and harassment and/or violence on jobsites. Through the use and implementation of our Safety Management System, we will work to proactively minimize these risks and any others that may arise.
  • In order to maintain the safest possible working environment, we here at ACME Technical Services will encourage and require all our employees to report all hazards, near misses, incidents and unsafe conditions so we may take appropriate curative measures.
  • We will encourage employees to exercise their right to refuse work should they find themselves in an environment where there is a credible danger.
  • At ACME Technical Services, management will provide leadership, accountability, commitment and encouragement to establish and preserve a safe and healthy workplace. We will abide by the Enforcement and Disciplinary Action Policy we have set out if the policy or reports are not implemented, with the goal in mind that Everyone Goes Home Safe Every Day. Our hope for the results of implementing this will be that our company operate in a safe manner in such a way as to minimize losses to all and maximize safety.